Coastal Virginia Visitor Alert

Thank you for visiting Coastal Virginia. In the event of a hurricane, winter storm or terrorist threat, Hampton and Newport News are always prepared to help your family remain safe and secure during your visit to Coastal Virginia.

Being prepared for travel doesn’t stop when the last bag is packed in the car. During your trip, please take care to remain safe. Stay vigilant for any suspicious activity, and don’t hesitate to report your sightings to local authorities. Remember, at home and on vacation, the safe response to an act of terrorism is to “run, hide, fight.”

Staying up to date on any tornado watches is especially important for visitors enjoying the pleasures of our local waterways. In the event of a tornado warning, take immediate shelter on ground levels, stairwells, or remain in your parked vehicle until the storm has passed. It is important to stay tuned to local news if a hurricane watch is issued. In the event of a hurricane, it is not safe to go into our waterways. Turn Around—Don’t Drown!

Although a watch means the storm possibility is several days away, travel may become more difficult if the storm path stays on track. If a hurricane warning takes effect, please follow all evacuation advisories. Evacuation routes out of the Hampton and Newport News area follow I-64 and route 17 West. Please don’t risk driving through flooded intersections.

Whether a hurricane or winter storm is advised, it is important to stay tuned to local news. If local government tells you to stay off the road, please remain in your warm, dry accommodations to help keep your family safe. Our area doesn’t see winter storms that often so we appreciate your patience with local highway crews. Thanks for your support in keeping our first responders safe.